Saturday, July 4, 2009

&hearts - New Wind

Well, I haven't written anything in a while because I've been so depressed and discouraged about this wedding. Nothing felt like it was going as planned and I was just stuck. Stuck with ideas, stuck with themes, stuck with cold feet, just stuck. We were (and still are but I have hope!) 2 seconds away from loosing our venue, but I really believe if I talk to Mike then he'll just hold it for us. We are getting it, we just want to make sure we have all the money so we get exactly what we want. I mean, he's not going to loose any money on the place for that day, we are going to have it there, I just need him to fight off the other brides with a stick! haha
Today I got so many new ideas. Ideas that pulled it all together for me. Ones that finally felt like our wedding. Everything I wanted just magically came together in my head and it all made perfect sense. We've been stressing about the fact that the chairs for the ceremony are $5 each and that's an extra $500 that we weren't expecting. Don't get me wrong, the chairs are nice, but they aren't anything special that I can justify $500 on. Then it hit me. Hay bales with Randy's grandmother's quilts draped over them to make the into benches for people to sit on. (!!!) It's perfect. It goes perfectly with our theme, it's going to be a bit cheaper, and bring so much more character to our ceremony. Hay bales here are around $3.50 each and each one sits 2. That's like $1.75 per seat as apposed to $5. I still think it's a bit much for seating that we have no use for after 45 minutes so we are going to see if we can just "rent" them from someone. (We'll even feed 'em for coming and pickin' 'em up! lol)We have no use for 50 hay bales after the wedding so this seems the best way to go. Plus Randy's grandmother has TONS of quilts that we all have. Randy and I have 4 just between the 2 of us. They are so mismatched with different colors and fabrics and textures. Very neat! This is my newest obession that has sparked my new Americana backyard BBQ themed wedding!
We have also decided (mostly) on the menu. With our venue for a basic of $10 you get fruit, veggies, cheeses, crackers, dips, and drinks all included. We where going to go the cheap way and do the pasta bar for $5 a person, but that to me is so blah and uninspiring and doesn't go with the feel of our wedding at all! Now we've (i.e me and my MIL) decided that we want mini BBQ sandwiches (mini PB&J for the kiddies!), corn on the cob, potato salad, and green beans. We've also decided to drop the Mario themed grooms cake (who needs that much cake?) for fruit pies and ice cream.
We have decided to forgo traditional bouquets and opt for lovely handmade felt flower and button bouquets by princesslasertron in our colors. If you haven't seen her work, she is amazing! The bouquets will be a little pricier but will last a lifetime and are darling to look at. To cut down on my floral budget we are thinking about changing our original idea of blue hydrangeas in a glass globe centerpiece to red carnations (and possibly other wildflowers or shasta daisies) in blue mason jars. I still love my idea of using poppies so I may add them in somewhere as well.

Well, I have to go, but I'm trying to figure out how to make and inspiration board for my new all American down home wedding. I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedding Playlist

Not finished of course but I wanted to be able to write it down and add to it as I need! I want a lot of Dance songs, funny songs, and songs people can enjoy themselves with. I don't want high school prom, but I don't want anyone to be bored either!

Songs played before the ceremony while guest are entering in

Chapel of Love- The Dixie Cups
Love and Marriage- Frank Sinatra
Sparkling Diamonds- Nicole Kidman
Stand by Me- Ben E. King
Love Bug- Jonas Brothers, Isle song (maybe)

Songs played after the ceremony while guest are leaving

Linus and Lucy- Peanuts Theme
Beautiful Day- U2

Reception Music
Lucky- Jason Mraz (First Dance Song contender #1)or Bride and Groom enterance song
Only Hope- Mandy Moore (First Dance Song contender #2 my favorite)
At Last- Etta James (First Dance Song contender #3)
Single Ladies- Beyonce, Bouquet Toss
For Good- Wicked, Memory Song
Honey Honey- Abba, Bridesmaid entrance song
Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder
1,2,3,4- Plain White Tees
Going to the Chapel- The Shirelles
Somebody to Love- Queen
Circus- Britney Spears
I'll Stand by You- Carrie Underwood
Low- Flo Rida
500 Miles- The Proclaimers
Right Round- Flo Rida
Pocket Full of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield
Stand by your Man- Tammy Wynette
Cha Cha Slide- DJ Casper
Yeah Toxic Remix- Usher/B. Spears
Mambo #5- Lou Bega
God Blessed the Broken Road- Rascall Flatts
MmmBop- Hanson
Just Dance- Lady GaGa
You Shook Me all Night Long- ACDC
Love Shack- B-52s
She's Always a Woman to Me- Billy Joel
Have you ever really loved a woman- Bryan Adams
I'll Be- Edwin McCain
Upside Down- Jack Johnson
I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
Can't Help Myself- Four Tops
Come away with me- Norah Jones
What a Wonderful World- Lois Armstrong
How Sweet it is to be loved by you- Marvin Gaye
Crazy Little thing called love- Queen
I'm a Believer- Smash Mouth
From this Moment- Shania Twain
Don't know why- Norah Jones
Blue Skies- Ella Fitzgerald
I don't need anything but you- Annie Soundtrack
When you say you love me- Josh Groban
Somewhere only we know- Keane
We go together- John Travolta (Grease)
Cheek to Cheek- Ella Fitzgerald
ABC- The jackson 5
What I like about you- Lilix
You're the one that I want- Grease
Girls Just Want to Have Fun- Cyndi Laper
Crazy in Love- Beyonce
You Sexy Thing-
I Get A Kick Out Of You- Frank Sinatra
All I ask of You- Phantom of the Opera
The way you look tonight- Frank Sinatra
Ain't no other Man- Christina Auglara
Paradise by the Dashboard Light- Meat Loaf
Together Forever- My Bestfriends Wedding
My Girl-
For Once in my life- Michael Buble
I'll be there for you- Friends theme song
You are so beautiful
Save the Last Dance for Me -Michael Buble Last dance song

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Best engagement story ever!

This was great! So funny!

By Mike Celizic contributor
updated 8:55 a.m. CT, Mon., March. 2, 2009

A lot of guys try to come up with proposal scenarios that their girlfriends will remember forever. So give Reed Harris credit for accomplishing that goal — even if it turned out to be in don’t-try-this-at-home fashion.

The idea was a variation on a common theme: Put the ring in a drink and let his beloved discover it. Harris did his part, hiding the ring in a Wendy’s Frosty milkshake. But, as he and his girlfriend, Kaitlin Whipple, told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Monday in New York, she ate the entire shake and never found the ring.

Harris and Whipple had attended an LDS Institute class last Tuesday at San Juan College in Farmington, N.M., where they live. Afterward, they and a group of friends went to a Wendy’s for Frosties. The friends were in on his plans and recorded what they expected to be a heartwarming proposal on a cell phone video camera.

Ready, set ... gulp!
But the other women in the group, eager to hurry the discovery process, made the mistake of challenging Whipple to a race. Being rather competitive, she grabbed a spoon and wolfed down the entire contents of the cup.

“I felt nothing at all,” she told Lauer. “I was racing my friends, so there was no way I was going to lose that competition.”

Harris checked everyone’s cups and didn’t find the ring — gulp! This was not in the script. The video shows him hugging her and whispering in her ear that she had eaten her engagement ring.

Whipple’s gut reaction was disbelief, the story being harder to swallow than the ring.

“I thought he was joking,” she told Lauer. “I couldn’t believe that I swallowed the ring. I kept waiting for him to get down and propose.”

Harris couldn’t believe it either. “It’s not that small a ring,” he told Lauer, a bit defensively.

X-ray marks the spot
Instead of marriage, Harris proposed a trip to the local hospital for X-rays. It was only when the technician handed her an image showing the ring inside her that Whipple accepted the truth.

Image: couple
Because Kaitllin Whipple had swallowed the engagement ring, Reed Harris proposed to her with an X-ray showing it inside her.
From the hospital, they went to Harris’ place, where one of their friends pointed out that Harris still hadn’t proposed. So, with X-ray image of the ring in hand, he got down on bended knee and asked for Whipple’s hand in holy matrimony. A friend captured the tender moment in a picture that shows him looking at the camera with a sheepish grin and Whipple sitting with a big smile on the couch — holding the X-ray of her ring.

Ever the gentleman, Harris took the blame for the accident. He had been waiting for the ring to arrive, and had planned to propose Wednesday night during a more formal date at a fancy restaurant. Whipple suspected that he set up the Wednesday dinner date to propose to her.

But Harris told Lauer that when the ring finally arrived on Tuesday, he was so excited he couldn’t make himself wait another day. So he hatched the Frosty plan on the spot.

‘This too shall pass’
The next day — Wednesday — Whipple posted the whole story along with pictures and video on her blog, Krazy Kaitlin. One of the pictures shows her posing with the X-ray along with a bag of prunes and a box of high-fiber breakfast cereal. Her friends, she said, assured her that “this too shall pass.”

On Thursday, she had happy news to report on her blog: “It arrived this morning and I have never been so excited about my bodily functions. Haha. It’s so beautiful and I love it. It was definitely well worth the wait.”

After getting it cleaned, Whipple finally slipped the elusive ring on her finger and posted another photo.

Image: couple
All’s well that ends well: Reed and Harris got flown to New York to show their elusive engagement ring on TODAY.
But that wasn’t the end of the story. A Salt Lake City television station got wind of the tale and interviewed the couple. Then TODAY called and flew them to Houston to appear on the weekend edition of the show Sunday, then to New York to make two more appearances Monday.

“When I woke up this morning I never thought I’d be getting a call from NBC!” Kaitlin wrote Saturday. “I look forward to it but am scared to death at the same time. National television WOW!” Sunday’s blog entry is headlined “Kaitlin & Reed are in NYC!!”

The couple haven’t set a date for their wedding, but have narrowed it down to either the last weekend in May or the first weekend in June. As for the honeymoon, Whipple wrote on her blog that she hopes more surprises are in store: “Maybe we'll get a cool honeymoon out of this crazy engagement story somewhere down the road ... we can only hope :)”

Friday, February 27, 2009

My wedding style

Thank you for taking the Style Your Dream Wedding Quiz.

Garden weddings capture the carefree elegance of summer. With the scents of the garden and the magic of flowers, a softer side of nature surrounds you. These weddings are usually a collaborative effort between family and friends who all work together to make the wedding special and creative. Your buzzwords are "fresh," "airy," "enchanting," "natural" and "frolicsome." A backyard is ideal, but other wonderful locations to consider are parks and botanical gardens in your area. The wonderful thing about planning your Garden wedding is that the actual location is not as important as the feelings the location should invoke. Any room can be transformed into a garden paradise with the right flowers and decorations.

Your Stationery: The elements of Garden wedding invitations are delicate and intricate in lettering and design. You may consider a pressed flower as part of the invitation or using handmade paper with your flower colors worked into the pulp. Overall, keep it simple and let the flowers be the focal point.

Your Dress: This is your opportunity to run wild with your childhood fantasies of being a nymph or a fairy princess. If you have an inner flower child that longs to run free, this is your opportunity. Look for sleeveless wedding gowns or wispy empire-waist gowns. The dress is the show, so your jewelry should be minimal and delicate. A soft shawl can be wrapped around your shoulders later if your reception is outside.

Your Hair: Long and loose or up with wisps, the key to gorgeous hair for a Garden bride is to incorporate the flowers into the look. Whether you use diamond hair clasps that look like bumblebees, or you pin pansies into your bun, you should continue to align the look with your surroundings. It’s a good idea to indulge yourself and hire a hair stylist to create that style for you. With an outdoor location, you have to make hair a more important part of the picture as the elements can change your look in minutes. You will want to consider whether or not it will hold its own against the elements that time of year without someone having to follow you around with a can of hairspray all day.

Your Flowers: With a Garden wedding, you may want to decide on your flowers first because, besides you, they will be a key element that defines the style of this wedding. Cascading wildflowers that intertwine on archways could be a beautiful choice for a Garden look. Looped around the backs of your chairs or in the bridesmaids’ hair, the flowers should accent and complement all of your decorations and inspire many details of your wedding. Consult with your floral stylist and find a floral mix that aligns with your chosen color palette. See the Color Palette Booklet in our Style Your Dream Wedding book for color ideas that will align with your overall Garden wedding.

Your Ceremony: If you have a Garden ceremony, one of your concerns will be to prevent the intimacy of the ceremony from being lost in the great outdoors, so plan on creating a visual centerpiece for the ceremony, such as an arbor with flowering vines, an archway of flowers, a beautiful white chuppah or even a tropical-style palapa. There are some incredible gazebos that can act as a great focal point for a ceremony and can be purchased inexpensively.

Your Reception: A large tented dinner reception with dinner and dancing would be beautiful for a Garden wedding. The tent can be incredibly stylish. The tabletops may have white napkins tied with green organza ribbons and green and white flower centerpieces punctuated by large, white column candles. Some beautiful color ideas can be found in the Color Palette Book, a special addition in Style Your Dream Wedding.
Edible flower arrangements are a fun and innovative way to beautify your reception area and feed your guests. Mouth-watering and appealing fresh fruit arranged like a floral bouquet, with flavorful pineapple "daisies," chocolate-dipped apple wedges, fresh strawberries and accents of grapes and ribbed melon slices on skewers, carry out the Garden theme beautifully and are conversation pieces that your guests will "ooh" and "aah" over long after your wedding is over.

Refreshing gifts for your guests made of strawberries and apple wedges dipped in semisweet or white chocolate and sprinkled with sliced almonds, coconut or chopped nuts, and nestled in a chilled box with a colorful bow that matches your reception colors, will be an edible reminder of your wedding that your friends and family can take with them to snack on later. Menu items can include yummy salads and fresh dishes, and a string quartet can add romantic ambiance.

Your Cake: Use the flowers to lead your design for a Garden cake. Real or confection, flowers arranged beautifully on your cake will enhance your wedding! You may also opt for small individual cakes in different flavors or little cupcakes. For shape, allow your cake to step upward on an angle rather than a perfectly stacked wedding cake, recreating the image of garden steps.

Your Photography: Capture some selective focus shots among the flowers. With so much color available, your photographer can create some beautiful shots by pulling focus in different ways. Also, capture the small details of your dress or your rings by photographing them close up with the flowers as your background.

Your Getaway: With a Garden style you can feel free to use a variety of modes of transportation. To tie this together with your Garden style, decorate your getaway vehicle with flowers that match back to your wedding.

Fanciful weddings are imaginative and creative. Often, the location will have special significance for the bride and groom. Think of a couple tying the knot on the roller coaster they rode on their first date. Or what about a life-long film buff marrying in a movie theater? Your buzzwords are "adventurous," "unique," "quirky," "imaginative" and "out of the box." The location for your wedding can be as wild as your imagination. Consider nightclubs, casinos, hot-air balloons, sports stadiums, a yacht, a zoological garden, a bowling alley or even underwater.

The bride who wants a Fanciful wedding is not afraid to be different, so brainstorm and think of things that you truly love and that make you happy. Infuse these things into your ceremony. Nothing should be crossed off your list if you love it. For example, if giggling small children make you happy, have a group of them walk behind you down the aisle holding your long, flowing veil.

Your Stationery: Don’t limit yourself to traditional invitations. How about a key that opens the door to the VIP Room at a nightclub? Or a puzzle that when put together is a picture of the bride and groom? Play with shape and cut of the invitation itself and use interesting and dimensional shapes.

Your Dress: Whatever strikes your fancy, your dress can be selected or made to match or can fashionably contrast with your theme. A Fanciful wedding is truly all about you and can be as unique as you want it to be. Go down the aisle in matching his and her bathrobes if you like. If it’s a Halloween wedding you may be in costumes. A word of caution with this style: be sure to really refine your ideas and vision before you pick your dress so that it aligns and enhances the style. If you don’t isolate your style early enough, it will be easy to "lose your theme" and end up with a wedding and reception with no real stylistic direction.

Your Hair: For a Fanciful wedding you may create a completely different look for your hair. If you have short hair, clip-on hair or extensions can be added for length or fullness. Dramatic streaks of color to highlight your face or match your flowers can be achieved with a great hair colorist or with small clip-on hairpieces. Headpieces like medieval crowns, tiaras or tribal-inspired headdresses can be researched online. You can also find great costume hair adornments at vintage stores and at specialty costume stores.

If you have a certain look that you would like to replicate, your best bet is to find a hairdresser that specializes in the type of hairdo you want. For example, if your wedding has a Renaissance theme, and you want a dramatic hairstyle befitting Renaissance royalty, you may want to find someone who has done theatrical hair in a play, festival or performance from that era. Remember, your hair is important because it will live in infamy in wedding pictures. If it’s not right, you could have pangs of regret every time you look at your wedding album.

Your Flowers: You may want to think outside the box and choose to embrace a Willy Wonka approach and have some edible floral arrangements. Or, perhaps you don’t want real flowers but would love to have some gorgeous paper sculptures accented with origami puzzles. You can feel very free to use whatever you would like with this style. There are several breeds of natural flowers that can provide beautiful, fanciful colors. Consult with your florist and he/she should be able to help you create a Fanciful bouquet that aligns in color and style with your particular Fanciful wedding style.

Your Ceremony: Create your own ceremony from start to finish. Perhaps you wish to have your entire ceremony on horseback, or to marry while skydiving. Whatever your fancy, you will want to write your ceremony to fit the venue. Make sure that your vows are not too long if you’re falling from 15,000 feet!

Your Reception: Once you pick your style, dive in. Maybe you want a circus theme where your officiate wears a clown suit. Too silly? How about cotton candy and candied apples becoming the newest martini flavors at your Fanciful reception? Allow the location to set the entertainment. If you’re at a fair, then perhaps your guests can play at the carnival booths, take rides on the Ferris wheel or watch a clown show. Use your imagination and to create a fantasy that everyone will remember.

Your Cake: Your cake topper can carry through the theme of the location you decide to hold your wedding. There are some clever topsy-turvy cakes to choose from these days with all sorts of unusual fillings and toppers. Snicker doodle crumbs in your frosting? M&M’s in every slice? Giraffe toppers if getting married at a zoological garden? Think outside the box, as nothing has to be conventional with a Fanciful wedding. You are the creator and anything goes.

Your Photography: Allow your photographer to work some special effects into your wedding. Other than that, make sure that whomever you hire gets pictures of all your fanciful details. It would be helpful to hire an art photographer, one that knows how to work with Photoshop and graphics to create fanciful images of your wedding with an artistic quality. If you or your groom are proficient in Photoshop you may want to try your hand at this as well and your friends might love getting these framed shots as a gift for their birthday or special event.

Your Getaway: A hot-air balloon? An elephant? What’s your fantasy? Use all of your creative juices to plan the most fun and romantic getaway. Let your imagination run wild!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding Cost Estimator

So I've been roaming around some other lovely brides to be bloggers and I've found tons of stuff I just LOVE! I found this wedding cost estimator on Rick and Erica Always, forever ( I was so nervous to see what my final total would be, but after I saw it, I was pleasantly surprised! As long as I say at the bottom of the total and aim to go under, I should be fine. If I could have the grand total around 7,000 with both sets of parents helping, I think that's reasonable.

Based on the zip code you entered for 36203 Oxford, AL , the number of guests (101-150), and the items selected, the estimated wedding cost is between $9,975 and $16,626.

I'm not sure how much either side will be helping. I know his parents are much more willing than mine but if they could only help with the big stuff, like the venue and the catering I'm pretty sure we could cover everything else. Mind you, I don't expect anyone to be paying for this wedding other than Randy and me, but getting help would be SOOO nice.
I've thought about all the things I wouldn't mind giving up or leaving out but in the same thought I know this is the only wedding I get to have and I want it to be perfect for the two of us. I'm so up and down about this wedding.
I guess I'll feel better once we can agree on the venue and put down a deposit on our date. That's the biggest thing. Pretty much everything else can wait but that really can't much longer. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Most of the girls on the May 2010 board on the knot already have their venues book as well as most everything else in their wedding. It's crazy. I feel so behind. Part of me thinks I have plenty of time and the other thinks that if I don't get on it soon, this is never going to happen. Stressful.

If you want your own Wedding Cost Estimator check out

One day I will learn to hyperlink I promise!<

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our inspiration board


There it ladies and gents! Visit Chrissy at the perfect palette for your own!

Perfect Palette

Oh! BTW! We've decided on our first palette of Aqua and Red. It's nailed down now. No doubts. ANNNDDDD This wonderful knottie Chrissymarie98 makes beautiful inspiration palette boards. She made mine this morning! You can check it out on her blog!

I'm number 50 if it doesn't take you straight to it. Check out her other boards as well. They are truly and inspiration!

Nothing too important

So I've been a bit in a funk lately with planning and everything, but I'm determined to step it up! I am also going to step up my drive with weightloss. Our engagement pictures are in April and I may not be able to loose a bunch before then but I can look better than I do right now. I also need to go and get my hair trimmed and my bangs cut. I'm looking into the tanning bed too, which Randy is totally against, but I have to do something. We are planning a trip to the beach this summer and I don't want to be a chubby pastey mess! We are aiming to find a venue we can both agree on by the end of March so wish us luck there. Our engagement party is going to be June 27th! I'm so excited. I don't know why I'm so excited but I am. I'm so ready for a party of some sort. I'm ready to kick off this wedding planning with both of our families and everyone involved. Well I've got to go wake up the mister and see if he wants to go workout tonight or go running or something. He's off the next two days so we are committed to straightening up our lives. Cleaning the house, working out our finances, filling taxes, and getting into some sort of routine! That is so important for us. We are routine people. Our lives are just easier that way. I guess with this being my wedding blog I should post something wedding-ish.

I'm making these!
I love them.

Monday, February 2, 2009


First off. Favor idea. So I was planning on doing the jams and jellies anyway then I saw the cutest slogan to put on the label. "Spread Love" how simple and sweet is that? LOVE IT!

I've made a big decision. I want to use bird silhouettes on everything. I've gotten into a kind of obession with them It started with the bridesmaid gifts and it has now exploded onto everything else. And by everything else, I only mean invites and stationary, but still.

I love these invites, but the birds look slightly crow like. I'm looking for more sparrow than crow. Just saying.

How cute are these? I want to find them and give them as bridesmaid gifts at one of the showers. It's so me anyway. and of course I want some for myself as well.

I am still trying to think of a design for the bridesmaid cards. At first I wanted a dress, now I want love birds. I wish I were more talented with the whole graphic design thing. I'm basing the whole gift box colors design and everything on this gift I picked up for the girls yesterday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From venue to food

I'm so excited about going to see Brignoli Manor again tomorrow. Randy is coming this time and so is Sam. I think this will be the big decision day. If Randy likes it, then this will be it. We are taking a video camera with us so we can record the entire house and what it looks like to walk through and I'll probably put my ideas on where things need to go as well, so we can show his mom and my mom so they know the plan since they can't go with us. I may post it here but I can't decide if I want people to see it or not. We'll see. I'll be glad to be able to look back at it whenever I want as I'm making decisions on other aspects of the wedding.

I've decided most of the menu. I'm thinking since it's an afternoon wedding after lunch and before dinner, we will have fruit, veggies, chicken salad dip, cheese balls and crackers, spinach dip, chocolate fountain, dessert table (maybe), cake, punch, lemonaid, bottled water, soda, and tea. Nice simple finger foods. It should be way cheaper as well. Since Alexander's is doing the catering they start out at $15 per person.

"Our base price is $15.00 per person for all fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, punch and punch fountain. This price includes uniformed workers for the event and cloths for the food tables, plastic plates, forks, cups and napkins are included. Glass plates and glasses are available for an additional charge."

At Brignoli Manor you get the glass plates and glasses included for no additional charge. Food is a little cheaper because they are already set up there. If we provide the cheese balls then catering will run about $17 per person. Then we have to get the water, sodas, and tea. The chocolate fountain is $500. We'll have to wait until later to see if it's in our budget. Hopefully so because I know it's always a crowd pleaser. I want to get 2 of those big metal ice bucket things to fill with ice and put in the sodas and waters. We will probably have about 100 guest or so so I'm guessing it'll be around $25 per person. So about $2500 will go to food and drinks and plates, napkins, and glasses. Brignoli Manor is a $500 deposit for a $1000 total and that included the venue from 7am to 11pm, all tables, chairs, table clothes, chair covers all in any color that I want. The whole house will be rearranged according to my wishes. I haven't gotten a quote on the cake yet but it will be around $150 at Bonnie Ray's. I want about 5-6 tiers. We won't be able to get Randy's grooms cake at Bonnie Ray's because it is a fondant cake so I'll have to find someone else to do it. It will be about 3 tiers. Flowers are going to be a large ticket item as well. Carnations for the wreaths won't be too much, but the hydrangeas and ranuculus for the bouquets and the cake are going to be pricey. Hydrangeas run $4-$5 per stem so I'll really have to shop around. I'm not sure about the Ranuculus.

I am nervous to see how much the whole wedding will end up costing. Plus Bridal Party gifts and accessories for the wedding. I'm probably going to be making the ring bearers pillow and basket or kissing balls for the girls. And I'm making my own garter! Woo! I'm excited about that. I'm not ready to go dress shoppig quite yet so I'm not sure of the price there, and it's way too early to look at tuxes. I'm just trying to get the big stuff out of the way now and I'll nail down the little stuff later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My DIY Monograms

So I worked on some monograms the other night. They are my first and I'm not too impressed but they are okay if you can see them.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

So I've been coming up with ideas for awhile on how to design my bridesmaid cards and their gift boxes. I found a few poems that I like for each girl but I'm only in love with the one I found for Sam. It's just so us. I'm trying to find designs that I love online to do the cards in. Lots of contenders but I haven't found "the one" yet. I haven't figured out what all I want in their gift packages yet. I'm thinking about a decorated sugar cookies (or a couple of them) maybe cut up and decorated like wedding cakes or dresses. I could do this at Bonnie Rays. I wonder how much they'll charge me for each? I could package them in clear bags with ribbons. Too cute! Hm... we'll see. I was also thinking about making a bridesmaid tee-shirt or tote, depending on which on Hobby Lobby has on sale. I really wish that I had stocked up on those bridal party iron on's that Wal-Mart had put on clearance. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. I'm also thinking about doing marble magnets with wedding type themes or in our colors. Those would be really cute and I think I have all of the supplies. I might need stronger magnets but other than that.... I'm also doing flower pens and a personalized notebook. I have all the supplies for the pens. I might get different flowers, I'm not sure if I want them to match my colors or not the ones I have right now don't. I'm doing a personalized picture frame with a photo of me and the girl in it. And a RING POP! How cute is that?

Sam's Poem
Through the in's and out's
And thick and thin
No matter what's happened
There've you been

you smile when I need it
and listen when I grieve,
you hug me when I cry-
and blow boogers on your sleeve

I treasure you friend
More than diamonds or gold,
and I promise I will
when we are saggy and old

So please stand by my side
when I say "I DO"
for I wouldn't be me
without a friend like you
Will you be my Maid of Honor

Teagan and Addyson
You are so very young, but the years will pass by
and you'll too be a bride, in the blink of an eye.

While you may not remember, the day that I married,
the part that you played, or the basket you carried.

There will be a day that will burn bright like an ember.
The day you will wed, you will always remember.

So here is a hankie, for the day you will say...
"I need "something old" for my wedding day"

Kelly's poem
You welcomed me with open arms
When I was strange and new.
A smile so warm and so sincere,
Caring, trusting and true.

A friendship would blossom
With each passing day.
Growing stronger and brighter
In many a way.

Engaged am I now
To be married at last.
And for you, Kelly, I have
A special question to ask.
Will you be my bridesmaid?

I haven't found one yet that I just love for Britt or Adrianna

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have found the one my soul loves. Song Of Solomon 3:4

I found so many great ideas from this site That's one talented bride! I think I want to make the garters for Britt for her and give them to her at the laungrie shower. I'm going to try my hand at some Monograms tonight. I'll let you know how they turn out.
Randy and I are making a list of places we want to visit venue wise. I don't think we'll start until March or April though, at least at the outdoor venues. I just want to see everything green and flowery so I know what it will look like on our big day! I'm so excited!

10 days til the Bridal Show
16 days til Britt's couple shower (No gift yet! Oh noes!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

- Venue and Money -

So I'm going to start working on a list of everywhere I want to check out as a venue for the wedding. Then when I go, rate them one by one. I want Randy to go too but it's so hard for us to both be together at the same time and get to go somewhere.

I want to start putting money in the wedding account next month too. We are broke right now so it probably isn't wise but if we don't start soon we won't have any money for this wedding. And that money we are spending on a quickie to Mickey Dee's, is five more dollars towards catering, or the venue, or the dress. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

- Bridesmaid Survival Kit -

Posted on October 20, 2008

Being the cheapie that I am I don't want to buy it, I'd rather do it myself. They have cute little zipper bags at Target on clearance that say Bride (or Bridesmaid) survival kit. They are pink and white striped with embrodery. I could go ahead and buy them now if I knew how many maids I was going to have.
This bag has Folding Hair Brush with Mirror, Hair Spray, Clear Elastics, Bobby Pins, Earring Backs, Emery Board, Clear Nail Polish, Mending Kit, Double-Sided Tape, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Breath Freshener, Deodorant Wipe, Tampon, Adhesive Bandages, Pain Reliever, Handkerchief, Dancing Socks

All very good ideas!

- Cake -

Posted on November 13, 2008

So this has always been the hardest part for me. I can't seem to find one that I'm just IN LOVE with. But I've decided that rather than have one big cake, I'd rather have a small 2 or 3 tier (12,8,6) cake on the bridal party table then individual table cakes as center pieces for the guest. A 6 inch double layer will be a perfect size for about 10 people so I could put one per table and have the DJ announce how the cutting will take place. I want each one to be different in style and look but still complementary to the wedding as a whole. Maybe a different flavor for each as well. Like simple chocolate, white with raspberry, lemon, mocha, peanut butter, coconut lime, red velvet, white chocolate, almond. Or add some weird flavored ones every so often, like green tea, or pomegranate. Hm, just an idea! What other flavor combos would be good?

- Venue Ideas pt 2 -

Posted on December 7, 2008

So Teresa is not a happy camper about the Children's Harbor thing because it is an hour and a half away from Oxford making it hard for people to travel to get there. While I say, it's my wedding and as long as my family and the ones I love are there, I don't care who else shows up, I am trying to find a compromise as long as it doesn't affect the over all look and feel of the wedding. Britt gave me the greatest suggestion the other day. Matthews Manor ( It's where I originally wanted the wedding back in 2006 but I thought it was really close to Mobile or something then my darling MOH (matron not maid) mapquested it and found out it's only 40 minutes outside of Gadsden. Not too shabby. I'm still set on Children's Harbor but this is an option too.

I also looked into Rainbow Manor ( in Rainbow City but that's a big no. They do everything for you and there is no outside food allowed. This would be great if I needed a quicky wedding but I don't. I have a year and 5 months to plan and that is just what I intend to do. I email a friend of mine from high school who got married there and she loved it but she said they did everything for her and all she had to do was show up. I just don't want that. I'll post her email later.

- Favors and Guest Book Ideas -

Posted on December 2, 2008

As much as I love the Polaroid guest book idea, it seems a bit pricey considering Polaroid has discontinued their instant film. I saw on the knot today about people using quilting squares and each person signs a square with like a sharpie or something and they can write well wishes and such then after the wedding they take the squares to be quilted and have a quilt from their wedding day that all the guest have signed. I loved it considering how much I love quilts and what a big part of Randy's life they've been. I think it's perfect for us.

I like the plantable paper idea too I just can't seem to find any styles that I like. They look very 2nd grade art project which is just over shooting my over all goal. My new favorite thing is homemade jellies in small canning jars. I figure this is something Teresa and I can do together months before the actual event then print our monogram on sticky lables and some pretty fabric over the top then Voila'! Cute, cheap favors that still go with the kind of people we are. Some Jelly ideas are

Rasberry Pomagranet
Cranberry Pomagranet
Orange Marmalaid
Tangerine Grapefruit
Grapefruit Pomagranet
Fig Preserves
Strawberry Preserves

There are tons more! - 4 oz canning jars

I'm also thinking about making a simple kind of cookie then putting them in a small white bag, folding them down and sealing with ribbon and use the same sticky monograms only round instead of square for the fronts.

- Venue Ideas -

Posted on November 24, 2008

So Brittany was suppose to get married at Children's Chapel in Alexander City but a bride booked her date before she got a chance to. She is now getting married at church in the pines at the same location. I got to go and see children's chapel and I adore it. I didn't get to go inside. I need to plan a day for me and Randy to go visit there and see what he thinks about it. If he likes it, I'll take Sam and hopefully put down the deposit. You have to book this place early or it will get snapped up. I love the location. It's on a lake and it's the little white chapel I've always wanted. The only bad thing is there is no dressing area for brides within the church. We could find a hotel for all of us to stay at the night of the rehearsal dinner and get ready there the drive down to the harbor. I need to find out the hotel Britt and Chris are getting for the wedding night. They are raving about it.

The reception will take place at the Harbor House on the same property.

- No Children? -

Posted on November 25, 2008

Randy nor I want children at our wedding. I think they are loud, touchy, and likely to misbehave, but I know that it's offensive to a lot of parents to not invite their kids. Like Holly said that if I didn't put Lexi's name on the invitation that she would be offended and wouldn't come to the wedding. Holly has a really weird relationship to her child so maybe she is the only one who feels this way, but in case she isn't I've been researching other alternatives. So I got an idea on a message board today. This woman sent out invites to the parents for the wedding then sent out a different invite to the child themselves inviting them to their own "wedding party". She hired or brought along an adult and 2 teenagers and rented a room close to the reception site and had pizza and candy and movies and activities for the kids to participate in while the parents where at the wedding. I think this is a great compromise. I could spend about 300 bucks max and keep kids away from my cake and out of other guest hair while still seeming courtious and clever. I love this idea! Now to find the venue and a location close to it.

- A red and aqua wedding! -

Posted on Novemeber 24, 2008

Aqua and Red Wedding

Cupcake Tower

Aqua and Red Tablesetting

Aqua and Red wedding

I love the red shoes!
Red shoes

Felt flower bouquets! No black, ivory instead

Our Cake!
Our cake?

- Decorations *Mason Jars* -

Posted on November 13, 2008

I love these for the blue and red wedding.
Callie had them at hers hanging on the trees. I'd like to have them lighting a walk way if at all possible. I wonder where you find blue mason jars... hm.

Well, I found them on EBAY but they are somewhere between 1-3 dollars each which isn't bad, but the shipping will kill you. Blah. I'll start looking around antique shops and yard sales. Maybe I can find a few here and there and end up with quite a collection before the big day.

- Favor ideas -

AHHH! I've never heard of this but I want to do it so badly!!!

It is plantable paper! Meaning you take the paper... it has seeds in it... you plant it.... they grow into flowers! OMG! This is beyond perfect for us! I hope I can do something this cool.

Still following the planting idea

I like that they painted the pots. I know you can get those little pots at Lowes for fairly cheap and I think at Hobby Lobby too and the paint at Wal-Mart is next to nothing. Plus you can do everything way ahead of time except the actual planting itself which could be done a few days before. That could be a project for me and my bridesmaids or me and Teresa to bond before the big day!

- Save the Dates -

Posted on November 13, 2008

This one is too cute for words!

the date is attached to a ribbon that spills out of the envelope when you open it! I adore Martha Stewart!

- color schemes -

Posted on November 13, 2008

So the color scheme I thought that I always wanted was Pink and Green. Bubblegum and Apple to be exact. I still want that but I have others I'm considering as well. It depends on the time of day we choose and the type of wedding we want to have.

If I do go with pink and green, I want to have it in a garden with a tea party type feel. Very girly. In the afternoon.Yellow roses and daisies would be the flowers.

I'm also considering Tiffany's blue, which I know would be Randy's choice. I'd want it to be an evening wedding with a formal and elegant feel to it. Accents of white and sliver.

I love the thought of a baby blue and red wedding, but I'm not sure if I could pull it off. I'd want it to be a very 50's homey crafty gathering. Also in a garden but with a backyard barbecue feel. I want all the girls in baby blue Aline dresses with big red belts and a red flower in their hair. I found a Martha Stewart cake that I love for this type of wedding.

I also realized today when I picked up the latest Martha Stewart Weddings mag that I like light blue and green together. The pictures she has are just lovely. Very earthy and casual. I just don't know about flowers. I don't really like blue or green flowers. I could do yellow or pink but would that break up the feel?

- Back posting? -

Well, I have a wedding myspace, but I thought I'd start a blogger and post pictures of the venues I see and other ideas. It gives me a little more room to breathe and create. I have already posted a few blogs so I'm going to copy them here and just date them from when they where written. I wish I could back post like on LiveJournal but I don't see that feature here. Oh well. It's for me anyway so it doesn't really matter. I just want to be able to look back on the progression my wedding goes through before the big day!

- This day I will marry my best friend -

I guess my first blog should be an introduction. That's the proper way to do things I think. Well, my name is Lauryn Brook Smith and I'm from a little town in Alabama. I'm 21 years old and I work at a bakery. I love to create and plan so I am very excited about my upcoming wedding! I'm marrying a wonderful man named Randy Johnson. We met in 2005 at Books-a-Million in Oxford. I was picking up a book for an audition and he was the cashier. We chatted for a few seconds before I went on my way. A few days later I stumbled on to his profile on myspace. I added his as a friend and we began to chat online. I gave him my phone number a couple of days later and we would talk for hours. I worked across the street from him and on his lunch break he would bring me candy blast. So sweet. He asked me on our first date for the following Friday. He wanted to take me some place special and since I have a strong love of theater and the arts he got tickets to Taming of the Shew at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery Alabama. The night before he called me at 7 pm and we stayed on the phone until 5 the next morning. We had to leave at noon so neither of us where very rested. I actually slept the whole way home! On the first date! We've been together ever since. It's never been completely smooth sailing but everything that happens only brings us closer together. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. He's truly my best friend.