Wednesday, January 7, 2009

- Bridesmaid Survival Kit -

Posted on October 20, 2008

Being the cheapie that I am I don't want to buy it, I'd rather do it myself. They have cute little zipper bags at Target on clearance that say Bride (or Bridesmaid) survival kit. They are pink and white striped with embrodery. I could go ahead and buy them now if I knew how many maids I was going to have.
This bag has Folding Hair Brush with Mirror, Hair Spray, Clear Elastics, Bobby Pins, Earring Backs, Emery Board, Clear Nail Polish, Mending Kit, Double-Sided Tape, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Breath Freshener, Deodorant Wipe, Tampon, Adhesive Bandages, Pain Reliever, Handkerchief, Dancing Socks

All very good ideas!

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