Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From venue to food

I'm so excited about going to see Brignoli Manor again tomorrow. Randy is coming this time and so is Sam. I think this will be the big decision day. If Randy likes it, then this will be it. We are taking a video camera with us so we can record the entire house and what it looks like to walk through and I'll probably put my ideas on where things need to go as well, so we can show his mom and my mom so they know the plan since they can't go with us. I may post it here but I can't decide if I want people to see it or not. We'll see. I'll be glad to be able to look back at it whenever I want as I'm making decisions on other aspects of the wedding.

I've decided most of the menu. I'm thinking since it's an afternoon wedding after lunch and before dinner, we will have fruit, veggies, chicken salad dip, cheese balls and crackers, spinach dip, chocolate fountain, dessert table (maybe), cake, punch, lemonaid, bottled water, soda, and tea. Nice simple finger foods. It should be way cheaper as well. Since Alexander's is doing the catering they start out at $15 per person.

"Our base price is $15.00 per person for all fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, punch and punch fountain. This price includes uniformed workers for the event and cloths for the food tables, plastic plates, forks, cups and napkins are included. Glass plates and glasses are available for an additional charge."

At Brignoli Manor you get the glass plates and glasses included for no additional charge. Food is a little cheaper because they are already set up there. If we provide the cheese balls then catering will run about $17 per person. Then we have to get the water, sodas, and tea. The chocolate fountain is $500. We'll have to wait until later to see if it's in our budget. Hopefully so because I know it's always a crowd pleaser. I want to get 2 of those big metal ice bucket things to fill with ice and put in the sodas and waters. We will probably have about 100 guest or so so I'm guessing it'll be around $25 per person. So about $2500 will go to food and drinks and plates, napkins, and glasses. Brignoli Manor is a $500 deposit for a $1000 total and that included the venue from 7am to 11pm, all tables, chairs, table clothes, chair covers all in any color that I want. The whole house will be rearranged according to my wishes. I haven't gotten a quote on the cake yet but it will be around $150 at Bonnie Ray's. I want about 5-6 tiers. We won't be able to get Randy's grooms cake at Bonnie Ray's because it is a fondant cake so I'll have to find someone else to do it. It will be about 3 tiers. Flowers are going to be a large ticket item as well. Carnations for the wreaths won't be too much, but the hydrangeas and ranuculus for the bouquets and the cake are going to be pricey. Hydrangeas run $4-$5 per stem so I'll really have to shop around. I'm not sure about the Ranuculus.

I am nervous to see how much the whole wedding will end up costing. Plus Bridal Party gifts and accessories for the wedding. I'm probably going to be making the ring bearers pillow and basket or kissing balls for the girls. And I'm making my own garter! Woo! I'm excited about that. I'm not ready to go dress shoppig quite yet so I'm not sure of the price there, and it's way too early to look at tuxes. I'm just trying to get the big stuff out of the way now and I'll nail down the little stuff later.

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