Monday, February 2, 2009


First off. Favor idea. So I was planning on doing the jams and jellies anyway then I saw the cutest slogan to put on the label. "Spread Love" how simple and sweet is that? LOVE IT!

I've made a big decision. I want to use bird silhouettes on everything. I've gotten into a kind of obession with them It started with the bridesmaid gifts and it has now exploded onto everything else. And by everything else, I only mean invites and stationary, but still.

I love these invites, but the birds look slightly crow like. I'm looking for more sparrow than crow. Just saying.

How cute are these? I want to find them and give them as bridesmaid gifts at one of the showers. It's so me anyway. and of course I want some for myself as well.

I am still trying to think of a design for the bridesmaid cards. At first I wanted a dress, now I want love birds. I wish I were more talented with the whole graphic design thing. I'm basing the whole gift box colors design and everything on this gift I picked up for the girls yesterday.

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