Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing too important

So I've been a bit in a funk lately with planning and everything, but I'm determined to step it up! I am also going to step up my drive with weightloss. Our engagement pictures are in April and I may not be able to loose a bunch before then but I can look better than I do right now. I also need to go and get my hair trimmed and my bangs cut. I'm looking into the tanning bed too, which Randy is totally against, but I have to do something. We are planning a trip to the beach this summer and I don't want to be a chubby pastey mess! We are aiming to find a venue we can both agree on by the end of March so wish us luck there. Our engagement party is going to be June 27th! I'm so excited. I don't know why I'm so excited but I am. I'm so ready for a party of some sort. I'm ready to kick off this wedding planning with both of our families and everyone involved. Well I've got to go wake up the mister and see if he wants to go workout tonight or go running or something. He's off the next two days so we are committed to straightening up our lives. Cleaning the house, working out our finances, filling taxes, and getting into some sort of routine! That is so important for us. We are routine people. Our lives are just easier that way. I guess with this being my wedding blog I should post something wedding-ish.

I'm making these!
I love them.

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