Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding Cost Estimator

So I've been roaming around some other lovely brides to be bloggers and I've found tons of stuff I just LOVE! I found this wedding cost estimator on Rick and Erica Always, forever ( I was so nervous to see what my final total would be, but after I saw it, I was pleasantly surprised! As long as I say at the bottom of the total and aim to go under, I should be fine. If I could have the grand total around 7,000 with both sets of parents helping, I think that's reasonable.

Based on the zip code you entered for 36203 Oxford, AL , the number of guests (101-150), and the items selected, the estimated wedding cost is between $9,975 and $16,626.

I'm not sure how much either side will be helping. I know his parents are much more willing than mine but if they could only help with the big stuff, like the venue and the catering I'm pretty sure we could cover everything else. Mind you, I don't expect anyone to be paying for this wedding other than Randy and me, but getting help would be SOOO nice.
I've thought about all the things I wouldn't mind giving up or leaving out but in the same thought I know this is the only wedding I get to have and I want it to be perfect for the two of us. I'm so up and down about this wedding.
I guess I'll feel better once we can agree on the venue and put down a deposit on our date. That's the biggest thing. Pretty much everything else can wait but that really can't much longer. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Most of the girls on the May 2010 board on the knot already have their venues book as well as most everything else in their wedding. It's crazy. I feel so behind. Part of me thinks I have plenty of time and the other thinks that if I don't get on it soon, this is never going to happen. Stressful.

If you want your own Wedding Cost Estimator check out

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  1. I just tried the calculator. That is such a neat little tool. I was totally surprised by what they said my cost would be though!