Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From venue to food

I'm so excited about going to see Brignoli Manor again tomorrow. Randy is coming this time and so is Sam. I think this will be the big decision day. If Randy likes it, then this will be it. We are taking a video camera with us so we can record the entire house and what it looks like to walk through and I'll probably put my ideas on where things need to go as well, so we can show his mom and my mom so they know the plan since they can't go with us. I may post it here but I can't decide if I want people to see it or not. We'll see. I'll be glad to be able to look back at it whenever I want as I'm making decisions on other aspects of the wedding.

I've decided most of the menu. I'm thinking since it's an afternoon wedding after lunch and before dinner, we will have fruit, veggies, chicken salad dip, cheese balls and crackers, spinach dip, chocolate fountain, dessert table (maybe), cake, punch, lemonaid, bottled water, soda, and tea. Nice simple finger foods. It should be way cheaper as well. Since Alexander's is doing the catering they start out at $15 per person.

"Our base price is $15.00 per person for all fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, punch and punch fountain. This price includes uniformed workers for the event and cloths for the food tables, plastic plates, forks, cups and napkins are included. Glass plates and glasses are available for an additional charge."

At Brignoli Manor you get the glass plates and glasses included for no additional charge. Food is a little cheaper because they are already set up there. If we provide the cheese balls then catering will run about $17 per person. Then we have to get the water, sodas, and tea. The chocolate fountain is $500. We'll have to wait until later to see if it's in our budget. Hopefully so because I know it's always a crowd pleaser. I want to get 2 of those big metal ice bucket things to fill with ice and put in the sodas and waters. We will probably have about 100 guest or so so I'm guessing it'll be around $25 per person. So about $2500 will go to food and drinks and plates, napkins, and glasses. Brignoli Manor is a $500 deposit for a $1000 total and that included the venue from 7am to 11pm, all tables, chairs, table clothes, chair covers all in any color that I want. The whole house will be rearranged according to my wishes. I haven't gotten a quote on the cake yet but it will be around $150 at Bonnie Ray's. I want about 5-6 tiers. We won't be able to get Randy's grooms cake at Bonnie Ray's because it is a fondant cake so I'll have to find someone else to do it. It will be about 3 tiers. Flowers are going to be a large ticket item as well. Carnations for the wreaths won't be too much, but the hydrangeas and ranuculus for the bouquets and the cake are going to be pricey. Hydrangeas run $4-$5 per stem so I'll really have to shop around. I'm not sure about the Ranuculus.

I am nervous to see how much the whole wedding will end up costing. Plus Bridal Party gifts and accessories for the wedding. I'm probably going to be making the ring bearers pillow and basket or kissing balls for the girls. And I'm making my own garter! Woo! I'm excited about that. I'm not ready to go dress shoppig quite yet so I'm not sure of the price there, and it's way too early to look at tuxes. I'm just trying to get the big stuff out of the way now and I'll nail down the little stuff later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My DIY Monograms

So I worked on some monograms the other night. They are my first and I'm not too impressed but they are okay if you can see them.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

So I've been coming up with ideas for awhile on how to design my bridesmaid cards and their gift boxes. I found a few poems that I like for each girl but I'm only in love with the one I found for Sam. It's just so us. I'm trying to find designs that I love online to do the cards in. Lots of contenders but I haven't found "the one" yet. I haven't figured out what all I want in their gift packages yet. I'm thinking about a decorated sugar cookies (or a couple of them) maybe cut up and decorated like wedding cakes or dresses. I could do this at Bonnie Rays. I wonder how much they'll charge me for each? I could package them in clear bags with ribbons. Too cute! Hm... we'll see. I was also thinking about making a bridesmaid tee-shirt or tote, depending on which on Hobby Lobby has on sale. I really wish that I had stocked up on those bridal party iron on's that Wal-Mart had put on clearance. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. I'm also thinking about doing marble magnets with wedding type themes or in our colors. Those would be really cute and I think I have all of the supplies. I might need stronger magnets but other than that.... I'm also doing flower pens and a personalized notebook. I have all the supplies for the pens. I might get different flowers, I'm not sure if I want them to match my colors or not the ones I have right now don't. I'm doing a personalized picture frame with a photo of me and the girl in it. And a RING POP! How cute is that?

Sam's Poem
Through the in's and out's
And thick and thin
No matter what's happened
There've you been

you smile when I need it
and listen when I grieve,
you hug me when I cry-
and blow boogers on your sleeve

I treasure you friend
More than diamonds or gold,
and I promise I will
when we are saggy and old

So please stand by my side
when I say "I DO"
for I wouldn't be me
without a friend like you
Will you be my Maid of Honor

Teagan and Addyson
You are so very young, but the years will pass by
and you'll too be a bride, in the blink of an eye.

While you may not remember, the day that I married,
the part that you played, or the basket you carried.

There will be a day that will burn bright like an ember.
The day you will wed, you will always remember.

So here is a hankie, for the day you will say...
"I need "something old" for my wedding day"

Kelly's poem
You welcomed me with open arms
When I was strange and new.
A smile so warm and so sincere,
Caring, trusting and true.

A friendship would blossom
With each passing day.
Growing stronger and brighter
In many a way.

Engaged am I now
To be married at last.
And for you, Kelly, I have
A special question to ask.
Will you be my bridesmaid?

I haven't found one yet that I just love for Britt or Adrianna

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have found the one my soul loves. Song Of Solomon 3:4

I found so many great ideas from this site http://www.liweddings.com/community/album/?ID=16238&SID=0&P=216843 That's one talented bride! I think I want to make the garters for Britt for her and give them to her at the laungrie shower. I'm going to try my hand at some Monograms tonight. I'll let you know how they turn out.
Randy and I are making a list of places we want to visit venue wise. I don't think we'll start until March or April though, at least at the outdoor venues. I just want to see everything green and flowery so I know what it will look like on our big day! I'm so excited!

10 days til the Bridal Show
16 days til Britt's couple shower (No gift yet! Oh noes!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

- Venue and Money -

So I'm going to start working on a list of everywhere I want to check out as a venue for the wedding. Then when I go, rate them one by one. I want Randy to go too but it's so hard for us to both be together at the same time and get to go somewhere.

I want to start putting money in the wedding account next month too. We are broke right now so it probably isn't wise but if we don't start soon we won't have any money for this wedding. And that money we are spending on a quickie to Mickey Dee's, is five more dollars towards catering, or the venue, or the dress. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

- Bridesmaid Survival Kit -

Posted on October 20, 2008


Being the cheapie that I am I don't want to buy it, I'd rather do it myself. They have cute little zipper bags at Target on clearance that say Bride (or Bridesmaid) survival kit. They are pink and white striped with embrodery. I could go ahead and buy them now if I knew how many maids I was going to have.
This bag has Folding Hair Brush with Mirror, Hair Spray, Clear Elastics, Bobby Pins, Earring Backs, Emery Board, Clear Nail Polish, Mending Kit, Double-Sided Tape, Stain Remover, Static Remover, Breath Freshener, Deodorant Wipe, Tampon, Adhesive Bandages, Pain Reliever, Handkerchief, Dancing Socks

All very good ideas!

- Cake -

Posted on November 13, 2008

So this has always been the hardest part for me. I can't seem to find one that I'm just IN LOVE with. But I've decided that rather than have one big cake, I'd rather have a small 2 or 3 tier (12,8,6) cake on the bridal party table then individual table cakes as center pieces for the guest. A 6 inch double layer will be a perfect size for about 10 people so I could put one per table and have the DJ announce how the cutting will take place. I want each one to be different in style and look but still complementary to the wedding as a whole. Maybe a different flavor for each as well. Like simple chocolate, white with raspberry, lemon, mocha, peanut butter, coconut lime, red velvet, white chocolate, almond. Or add some weird flavored ones every so often, like green tea, or pomegranate. Hm, just an idea! What other flavor combos would be good?

- Venue Ideas pt 2 -

Posted on December 7, 2008

So Teresa is not a happy camper about the Children's Harbor thing because it is an hour and a half away from Oxford making it hard for people to travel to get there. While I say, it's my wedding and as long as my family and the ones I love are there, I don't care who else shows up, I am trying to find a compromise as long as it doesn't affect the over all look and feel of the wedding. Britt gave me the greatest suggestion the other day. Matthews Manor (http://www.mathewsmanor.com/home.htm). It's where I originally wanted the wedding back in 2006 but I thought it was really close to Mobile or something then my darling MOH (matron not maid) mapquested it and found out it's only 40 minutes outside of Gadsden. Not too shabby. I'm still set on Children's Harbor but this is an option too.

I also looked into Rainbow Manor (http://www.rainbowmanorchapel.com) in Rainbow City but that's a big no. They do everything for you and there is no outside food allowed. This would be great if I needed a quicky wedding but I don't. I have a year and 5 months to plan and that is just what I intend to do. I email a friend of mine from high school who got married there and she loved it but she said they did everything for her and all she had to do was show up. I just don't want that. I'll post her email later.

- Favors and Guest Book Ideas -

Posted on December 2, 2008

As much as I love the Polaroid guest book idea, it seems a bit pricey considering Polaroid has discontinued their instant film. I saw on the knot today about people using quilting squares and each person signs a square with like a sharpie or something and they can write well wishes and such then after the wedding they take the squares to be quilted and have a quilt from their wedding day that all the guest have signed. I loved it considering how much I love quilts and what a big part of Randy's life they've been. I think it's perfect for us.

I like the plantable paper idea too I just can't seem to find any styles that I like. They look very 2nd grade art project which is just over shooting my over all goal. My new favorite thing is homemade jellies in small canning jars. I figure this is something Teresa and I can do together months before the actual event then print our monogram on sticky lables and some pretty fabric over the top then Voila'! Cute, cheap favors that still go with the kind of people we are. Some Jelly ideas are

Rasberry Pomagranet
Cranberry Pomagranet
Orange Marmalaid
Tangerine Grapefruit
Grapefruit Pomagranet
Fig Preserves
Strawberry Preserves

There are tons more!
http://www.canningpantry.com/4oz-jelly-jars.html - 4 oz canning jars

I'm also thinking about making a simple kind of cookie then putting them in a small white bag, folding them down and sealing with ribbon and use the same sticky monograms only round instead of square for the fronts.

- Venue Ideas -

Posted on November 24, 2008

So Brittany was suppose to get married at Children's Chapel in Alexander City but a bride booked her date before she got a chance to. She is now getting married at church in the pines at the same location. I got to go and see children's chapel and I adore it. I didn't get to go inside. I need to plan a day for me and Randy to go visit there and see what he thinks about it. If he likes it, I'll take Sam and hopefully put down the deposit. You have to book this place early or it will get snapped up. I love the location. It's on a lake and it's the little white chapel I've always wanted. The only bad thing is there is no dressing area for brides within the church. We could find a hotel for all of us to stay at the night of the rehearsal dinner and get ready there the drive down to the harbor. I need to find out the hotel Britt and Chris are getting for the wedding night. They are raving about it.


The reception will take place at the Harbor House on the same property.

- No Children? -

Posted on November 25, 2008

Randy nor I want children at our wedding. I think they are loud, touchy, and likely to misbehave, but I know that it's offensive to a lot of parents to not invite their kids. Like Holly said that if I didn't put Lexi's name on the invitation that she would be offended and wouldn't come to the wedding. Holly has a really weird relationship to her child so maybe she is the only one who feels this way, but in case she isn't I've been researching other alternatives. So I got an idea on a message board today. This woman sent out invites to the parents for the wedding then sent out a different invite to the child themselves inviting them to their own "wedding party". She hired or brought along an adult and 2 teenagers and rented a room close to the reception site and had pizza and candy and movies and activities for the kids to participate in while the parents where at the wedding. I think this is a great compromise. I could spend about 300 bucks max and keep kids away from my cake and out of other guest hair while still seeming courtious and clever. I love this idea! Now to find the venue and a location close to it.

- A red and aqua wedding! -

Posted on Novemeber 24, 2008

Aqua and Red Wedding

Cupcake Tower

Aqua and Red Tablesetting

Aqua and Red wedding

I love the red shoes!
Red shoes

Felt flower bouquets! No black, ivory instead

Our Cake!
Our cake?

- Decorations *Mason Jars* -

Posted on November 13, 2008

I love these for the blue and red wedding.
Callie had them at hers hanging on the trees. I'd like to have them lighting a walk way if at all possible. I wonder where you find blue mason jars... hm.

Well, I found them on EBAY but they are somewhere between 1-3 dollars each which isn't bad, but the shipping will kill you. Blah. I'll start looking around antique shops and yard sales. Maybe I can find a few here and there and end up with quite a collection before the big day.

- Favor ideas -

AHHH! I've never heard of this but I want to do it so badly!!!


It is plantable paper! Meaning you take the paper... it has seeds in it... you plant it.... they grow into flowers! OMG! This is beyond perfect for us! I hope I can do something this cool.

Still following the planting idea

I like that they painted the pots. I know you can get those little pots at Lowes for fairly cheap and I think at Hobby Lobby too and the paint at Wal-Mart is next to nothing. Plus you can do everything way ahead of time except the actual planting itself which could be done a few days before. That could be a project for me and my bridesmaids or me and Teresa to bond before the big day!

- Save the Dates -

Posted on November 13, 2008

This one is too cute for words!

the date is attached to a ribbon that spills out of the envelope when you open it! I adore Martha Stewart!

- color schemes -

Posted on November 13, 2008

So the color scheme I thought that I always wanted was Pink and Green. Bubblegum and Apple to be exact. I still want that but I have others I'm considering as well. It depends on the time of day we choose and the type of wedding we want to have.

If I do go with pink and green, I want to have it in a garden with a tea party type feel. Very girly. In the afternoon.Yellow roses and daisies would be the flowers.

I'm also considering Tiffany's blue, which I know would be Randy's choice. I'd want it to be an evening wedding with a formal and elegant feel to it. Accents of white and sliver.

I love the thought of a baby blue and red wedding, but I'm not sure if I could pull it off. I'd want it to be a very 50's homey crafty gathering. Also in a garden but with a backyard barbecue feel. I want all the girls in baby blue Aline dresses with big red belts and a red flower in their hair. I found a Martha Stewart cake that I love for this type of wedding.

I also realized today when I picked up the latest Martha Stewart Weddings mag that I like light blue and green together. The pictures she has are just lovely. Very earthy and casual. I just don't know about flowers. I don't really like blue or green flowers. I could do yellow or pink but would that break up the feel?

- Back posting? -

Well, I have a wedding myspace, but I thought I'd start a blogger and post pictures of the venues I see and other ideas. It gives me a little more room to breathe and create. I have already posted a few blogs so I'm going to copy them here and just date them from when they where written. I wish I could back post like on LiveJournal but I don't see that feature here. Oh well. It's for me anyway so it doesn't really matter. I just want to be able to look back on the progression my wedding goes through before the big day!

- This day I will marry my best friend -

I guess my first blog should be an introduction. That's the proper way to do things I think. Well, my name is Lauryn Brook Smith and I'm from a little town in Alabama. I'm 21 years old and I work at a bakery. I love to create and plan so I am very excited about my upcoming wedding! I'm marrying a wonderful man named Randy Johnson. We met in 2005 at Books-a-Million in Oxford. I was picking up a book for an audition and he was the cashier. We chatted for a few seconds before I went on my way. A few days later I stumbled on to his profile on myspace. I added his as a friend and we began to chat online. I gave him my phone number a couple of days later and we would talk for hours. I worked across the street from him and on his lunch break he would bring me candy blast. So sweet. He asked me on our first date for the following Friday. He wanted to take me some place special and since I have a strong love of theater and the arts he got tickets to Taming of the Shew at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery Alabama. The night before he called me at 7 pm and we stayed on the phone until 5 the next morning. We had to leave at noon so neither of us where very rested. I actually slept the whole way home! On the first date! We've been together ever since. It's never been completely smooth sailing but everything that happens only brings us closer together. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. He's truly my best friend.