Saturday, July 4, 2009

&hearts - New Wind

Well, I haven't written anything in a while because I've been so depressed and discouraged about this wedding. Nothing felt like it was going as planned and I was just stuck. Stuck with ideas, stuck with themes, stuck with cold feet, just stuck. We were (and still are but I have hope!) 2 seconds away from loosing our venue, but I really believe if I talk to Mike then he'll just hold it for us. We are getting it, we just want to make sure we have all the money so we get exactly what we want. I mean, he's not going to loose any money on the place for that day, we are going to have it there, I just need him to fight off the other brides with a stick! haha
Today I got so many new ideas. Ideas that pulled it all together for me. Ones that finally felt like our wedding. Everything I wanted just magically came together in my head and it all made perfect sense. We've been stressing about the fact that the chairs for the ceremony are $5 each and that's an extra $500 that we weren't expecting. Don't get me wrong, the chairs are nice, but they aren't anything special that I can justify $500 on. Then it hit me. Hay bales with Randy's grandmother's quilts draped over them to make the into benches for people to sit on. (!!!) It's perfect. It goes perfectly with our theme, it's going to be a bit cheaper, and bring so much more character to our ceremony. Hay bales here are around $3.50 each and each one sits 2. That's like $1.75 per seat as apposed to $5. I still think it's a bit much for seating that we have no use for after 45 minutes so we are going to see if we can just "rent" them from someone. (We'll even feed 'em for coming and pickin' 'em up! lol)We have no use for 50 hay bales after the wedding so this seems the best way to go. Plus Randy's grandmother has TONS of quilts that we all have. Randy and I have 4 just between the 2 of us. They are so mismatched with different colors and fabrics and textures. Very neat! This is my newest obession that has sparked my new Americana backyard BBQ themed wedding!
We have also decided (mostly) on the menu. With our venue for a basic of $10 you get fruit, veggies, cheeses, crackers, dips, and drinks all included. We where going to go the cheap way and do the pasta bar for $5 a person, but that to me is so blah and uninspiring and doesn't go with the feel of our wedding at all! Now we've (i.e me and my MIL) decided that we want mini BBQ sandwiches (mini PB&J for the kiddies!), corn on the cob, potato salad, and green beans. We've also decided to drop the Mario themed grooms cake (who needs that much cake?) for fruit pies and ice cream.
We have decided to forgo traditional bouquets and opt for lovely handmade felt flower and button bouquets by princesslasertron in our colors. If you haven't seen her work, she is amazing! The bouquets will be a little pricier but will last a lifetime and are darling to look at. To cut down on my floral budget we are thinking about changing our original idea of blue hydrangeas in a glass globe centerpiece to red carnations (and possibly other wildflowers or shasta daisies) in blue mason jars. I still love my idea of using poppies so I may add them in somewhere as well.

Well, I have to go, but I'm trying to figure out how to make and inspiration board for my new all American down home wedding. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Oh...I am sorry you have been having a hard time. I hope everything is going to work out...on the bright side, I love your theme. We are having a similar theme like a rustic casual picnic. I, too, am doing shastas in mason jars.

  2. Oh...and actually I have a bunch of stuff you can use. I think your wedding is after mine. I can tell you what all I have and I would be willing to sell some stuff CHEAP. I am in Tuscaloosa. You can email me at